Political Campaign Contributions From Construction Unions and Owners

Political Campaign Contributions From Construction Unions and Owners

In the last election cycle, the unions and owners of construction companies gave millions of dollars to political campaigns. These groups have become among the highest contributors to political campaigns in recent years. Some of the largest contributors were the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Williams Brothers Construction. This article explores the sources and methods used by these groups to donate to political campaigns.

Construction company owners and employees contribute thousands of dollars to political campaigns

While Greene has railed against big government, his family business has profited from taxpayer-subsidized low-income housing projects. The Republican candidate backed President Trump in 2016 and is expected to do the same in 2020. Greene did not return a phone call or written questions from the AJC. His construction company in North Fulton was founded by his father, who died last April of cancer.

Construction unions are the most generous contributors in recent years

Labor unions have long been a major source of political donations, but recent controversies have caused some of them to step away from such contributions. The International Association of Fire Fighters, for instance, announced an indefinite halt to its political giving, citing the weak response from congressional leaders to state legislatures that threaten their unions. In addition, the unions pointed to major disappointments in federal politics, including the extension of Bush-era tax cuts and the defeat of the Employee Free Choice Act.

While unions are no longer a dominant force in the Democratic Party, their political contributions continue to be a vital component of their coalition. For example, Donald Trump won the support of more union members than was expected, and Joe Biden was able to gain back union votes in Michigan. There will be more information to come out, but for now, union money remains a reliable source of Democratic money.

Recent research suggests that members of unions are better off than their nonunion counterparts. Union members are less likely to live in poverty, based on federal poverty guidelines. Their wages are also more likely to be higher than those of their nonunionized counterparts. A 2016 study by the Economic Policy Institute found that union workers earn more than their nonunionized counterparts on average. Non-Hispanic white union members have a 9.6 percent wage advantage over non-union white workers. The regression analysis that produced these findings controlled for race, education, experience, gender, age, and citizenship status. It also controlled for occupation.

Associated General Contractors of America

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) has made a $5,000 contribution to Chuck Morse’s campaign. The money is meant to help him win the primary election. The AGC is an association that represents commercial construction companies, specialty contractors, suppliers, and service providers. Its political action committee, or AGC PAC, is responsible for making such contributions. In turn, these contributions help elect candidates that support the industry’s legislative priorities.

The AGC is an organization comprised of more than 700 member companies. It is the largest construction industry trade association in the United States and has chapters across the nation. The members of the organization include leading general contractors, nearly nine thousand specialty contractors, and 12,000 service providers. The AGC is the voice of the construction industry and works to protect it.

In the last election cycle, the AGC contributed almost $1 million to congressional candidates. The group gave $862,397 to Republicans and $109,500 to Democrats. The top recipients included John Boehner, Mitt Romney, David Dewhurst, and Deb Fischer. The AGC also supported an immigration initiative that included the importing of large numbers of guest workers to the U.S. to serve as construction workers. This policy has been criticized by the Economic Policy Institute.

While construction industry groups are not restricting the amount of money they give to politicians, the Associated General Contractors of America has made the decision to temporarily suspend solicitations of their 2020 campaigns. The group’s leaders cited an increased need for financial help from Congress and the Trump administration as a reason for delaying solicitations. In recent years, the carpenters’ union has been the largest political donor. They have consistently ranked first in campaign spending.

In Massachusetts, the AGC has made a significant political investment in the state’s construction industry. In 2015, the group filed five bills in the legislature that affect the industry. It has also created a government relations committee, chaired by Mike O’Brien of Gilbane, to help lobby for industry interests. More than 7,000 bills are filed in the Massachusetts legislature each session, many of which have potential impacts on the construction industry. It is imperative for the industry to be informed and active in the legislative process.

Williams Brothers Construction

The president of the Williams Brothers Construction Company, a Texas-based highway and bridge construction company, has made $1,218,000 in political contributions over the last election cycle. This makes him one of the largest donors in Texas politics. He is also a major Republican donor. Several of his companies have made similar donations.

About 13% of Williams Brothers Construction employees are Black or African American, and the average salary is $45,093 a year. The average employee stays with the company for 2.9 years. Among its employees, a majority of the workers are republican party members. Another notable donor to the Republican Party is James Pitcock Jr., who donated $165,000 to Republican candidates.

Another Texas politician who received substantial contributions from Williams Brothers Construction is J. Doug Pitcock, the chief executive of the company. The company is the top recipient of contracts from the Texas Department of Transportation. It has received $1.9 billion in work since 2020. Abbott has also been a prominent Republican donor, and is considered the most prolific fundraiser in Texas.

Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries is a company that delivers valued products while growing responsibly while staying true to its culture. In fact, the company was recently ranked #2 in the Best Companies to Work For list in San Marcos, CA by Zippia. This list is based on unbiased data on company salaries, employee diversity, and financial health. According to the Zippia data, the average salary of employees at Hunter Industries is $44,112 per year. The company’s top ten percent of employees earn over $75,000 per year. The bottom ten percent earn less than $25,000 annually.

Hunter Industries employees are most likely to be Democratic Party members. However, the company’s owner John R. Weisman has given the Republican Party $30,600. Both employees and business owners have donated to candidates. Besides, they are a major donor to Texas political campaigns. The company’s political contributions have been increasing for several years.

The charges against Hunters stem from a series of alleged violations. According to prosecutors, the company used almost 200 occasions to spend political donations on personal expenses. Some of the alleged spending took place months after the Union-Tribune began investigating. In addition, Hunters spent $300 from political campaign funds at Sears, which is where Individual 1A’s birthday party was held. They also used the campaign credit card to buy groceries at Albertsons, Haggen, and Vons. They also used the money for meals and personal outings. They also claimed these expenses as legitimate.

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