3 Networking Apps For Construction Managers

3 Networking Apps For Construction Managers

If you’re a construction project manager, you need to develop a network of trusted subcontractors. It’s important to nurture these relationships. You can do this by sending emails to quality contractors and following up with them after a project is completed. This keeps the lines of communication open and strengthens your partnership with them. In addition, you’ll be furthering your networking goals.


As a member of the CBUSA Construction networking group, you can access discounts on materials and labor. You can also share ideas on cost-saving measures with fellow members. This combined buying power will benefit your bottom line and help you build a competitive advantage. The industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled labor and skyrocketing demand for materials, and this networking group can help you cut costs and improve your profitability.

To stay abreast of the latest industry trends and innovations, join CBUSA. It is a powerful association comprised of more than 550 elite residential construction owners. To become a member of CBUSA, all you have to do is apply. The membership process is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established construction company, you can find new vendors and grow your business by participating in the CBUSA Construction networking network. By joining CBUSA, you will have access to a variety of suppliers, including top-tier manufacturers and vendors.

CBUSA has become one of the largest homebuilder networks in the United States. Its extensive network of national manufacturer partners helps builders save money, improve quality, and reduce hard costs. The CBUSA Construction networking network is already established in 29 cities across the United States. It is a powerful homebuilding network, bringing together top contractors in your market.

CIS Leads

If you are looking for a networking app to find new construction contacts, you should try CIS Leads. It is a free business app developed by Construction Information Systems. It is currently available for Android and iOS operating systems. However, it may take some time to load on your device. Once it does, open the Google Play Store and look for CIS Leads.


C-Source is an online networking platform for the construction industry. Its interface puts all the relevant information about the construction business at the user’s fingertips. Users can make connections with a single click of the mouse. It also lets users customize their search, so they can find contacts who match their specific needs.

The construction industry has already made significant strides since the conception of BIM. In fact, it has gained enough momentum to move forward and embrace AI and IoT integration. The new paradigm will enable construction professionals to deliver smarter services, increase automation, and improve information cohesion. As a result, it is crucial that the construction industry embrace the Digital Twin paradigm.

Building models that share common metadata, such as BIM, can help facilitate better collaboration. While these tools can be used to keep in touch with old contacts, they cannot replace face-to-face networking. This is because the construction industry is constantly changing and adapting. This is why it is important to stay up to date with current industry trends. Whether your business focuses on construction or not, networking is essential to the success of your business. It can help you meet new potential customers, build contacts, fill job openings, and promote yourself.

Increasing the level of automation in construction workflows would help better allocate resources to specific tasks. For example, construction companies could use AI to help manage their workflows more efficiently by allowing robots, drones, and sensors to do the work more effectively. This would also help improve supply chain logistics.


GWIC is the premier leadership and talent management event for women in the construction industry. It is a catalyst for change, encouraging women at all levels of the industry to build leadership skills, develop influence, and achieve their full potential in the workplace and industry. The mission of GWIC is to inspire and empower women to succeed in their career, while helping to improve the workplace environment and the lives of their co-workers.

GWIC’s unique format enables attendees to interact virtually with others in the construction industry. It is facilitated by BNP Events and is hosted through the Evolve platform. Participants can engage in education sessions and network with other attendees based on their common interests and roles. This is a great way to meet new people and learn from others in the field.

The event will focus on ways to expand the presence of women in the construction industry, including inspiring peers, building networking groups, and participating in mentorship programs. Experts and executives in the industry will offer best practices for creating and leading peer networking groups. While these networking opportunities aren’t a replacement for face-to-face meetings, they can help you gain access to leaders in the construction industry and expand your career network.

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